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Lawn Pong

Like beerpong, but bigger … and on a lawn. Did we find this game at a college for giants? Maybe.


  • 12 bins (6 green, 6 white)
  • 4 mini basketballs


  • Teams of 1 or 2 players each
  • Pyramids of 6 bins each are arranged on each end of the lawn
  • Each team gets 2 balls
  • Teams play from opposite sides


  • Sink ball into a bin to remove the bin
  • First team to remove all their bins, wins

House Rules


  • Flip a coin to decide who goes first


  • Teams take turns taking two shots
  • Players throw or bounce the ball, trying to land it in a bin; shots must be taken from behind the team’s pyramid
  • If the player lands their shot a bin, the bin is removed by the opposing team
  • If both players on the team make their shot, the team gets both balls back for an extra turn


  • The team to remove all of their bins first, wins
  • However, when a team removes their last bin, the opposing team gets both balls back and one more turn to attempt to tie the game
    • If more than one bin is remaining, the opposing team must shoot without missing until all bins are cleared in order to tie
    • If the opposing team ties, three (3) bins are re-racked in a triangle on each side for a tiebreaker round