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A game associated with retirement communities and cruise ships could be mistaken for lacking competitive fire. Don’t make that error.

Shuffleboard equipment


  • 4 tongs
  • 8 biscuits


  • Play as singles or doubles
  • Each team starts with four biscuits


  • Push discs down the court and land them in scoring areas to score points

House Rules


  • Singles: Both players are on same end of the court
  • Doubles: One player from each team is at each end
  • Each team shoots a biscuit; whichever is closer to the far end without going out of bounds goes first


  • Teams take turns shooting one biscuit toward the triangle target at opposing end
  • Biscuits must start behind the “10 Off” line
  • Any biscuit that stops in the “Dead Area” between the lines in the center of the court must be removed
  • When all biscuits have been played, that is the end of the Frame
  • Teams calculate points and alternate sides after each Frame


  • Biscuits must not be touching any lines in order to be counted
  • The team with the most points at the end of 8 Frames wins


  • Any biscuit inside a scoring area marked 7, 8 or 10 gains that number of points for the team that shot it
  • Any biscuit inside the 10 Off areas at the bottom loses 10 points for the team that shot it