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Putting Pool

Billiards, but played on grass with golf balls and putters. Perhaps the greatest mutant hybrid creation since the invention of the chili dog.

Putting Pool equipment


  • 12 golf balls
  • 4 putters


  • Play as singles or doubles
  • Rack balls


  • Sink one of your six balls in each pocket

House rules


  • Place cue ball one club length from rack and break
  • After break, remove cue ball from play

Game Play

  • Players take turns
  • The first player to sink a ball becomes either stripes or solids
  • One putt per turn
  • Make a putt, putt again
  • To win, be the first to sink six of your balls in the six different pockets
  • If Player A knocks Player B’s ball into a pocket they have not yet hit into yet, the ball stays; if Player B has already hit a ball into that pocket, the ball is placed in the center of the green and Player B can play it on their next turn