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Kan Jam

Two trashcans, one frisbee, and a chance to win the game on any throw. Like arguing with your significant other, Kan Jam is also a game of deflection.

Kan Jam equipment


  • 2 cans 
  • 1 disc


  • Cans are placed at opposite ends of court 
  • Two players per team
  • One player from each team stands at opposite cans


  • Throw and deflect the disc to hit or enter the can 
  • First to reach exactly 21 points wins

House Rules


  • Coin toss winner goes first


  • On each team’s turn, one player on the team is the “Thrower” and one is the “Deflector”
  • The Thrower tries to hit the can with the disc or get the disc inside it – through the slot or the top
  • The Deflector can redirect the disc toward the can; they cannot catch, carry or double hit the disc
  • The opposing team may not physically interfere
  • Thrower and Deflector must stay behind their cans
  • Players on each team alternate turns as Thrower and Deflector, then the turn passes to the opposing team


  • Points are scored on each turn:
    • 1pt Dinger: Deflects disc to hit the can
    • 2ptsDeuce: Thrower hits the can directly
    • 3pts Bucket: Deflects disc into the can
    • Instant Win Hammer: Thrower throws disc directly into the can
  • First to 21 wins – or instant win. However, if the team who started the game reaches 21 first, the opposing team still has a turn to try to equal them or throw a hammer to instant win.
  • If a team exceeds 21, they lose the points scored on that turn