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Invented in Italy, played around the world. Sophisticated, but never complicated. You’re closest to the jack, right up to the moment you’re not.

Bocce equipment


  • 8 Bocce balls (4 green, 4 white)
  • 1 Pallino ball


  • Teams of 1, 2, or 4 players each
  • Each team gets 4 bocce balls
  • Both teams play from the same area


  • Get your balls closer to the Pallino to score points
  • First to 11 wins; must win by 2

House Rules


  • Coin toss winner throws Pallino
  • If Pallino doesn’t reach halfway, other team throws
  • The same team that throws the Pallino throws the first bocce ball


  • Throw from behind the fault line, underhand
  • Balls must travel halfway down the court or are removed
  • Hitting the opponent’s balls is allowed
  • Team closest to Pallino is “In” – the other is “Out”
  • “Out” team throws until they’re “In” or run out of balls
  • All balls must be thrown by both teams


  • Award points after all balls are thrown
  • If balls are equally close, the next closest breaks tie
  • First to 11 wins; must win by 2



  • Only the team closest to Pallino scores
    • 1pt For each ball closer than the opponent’s nearest ball
    • 2pt – “Kiss”: Ball is touching the Pallino