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A game of accuracy, quick reflexes, and the occasional diving catch. Pick your partner wisely. A drink-in-hand is required at all times.

Beersbee equipment


  • 2 poles
  • 2 bottles 
  • 1 disc


  • Poles are placed at opposite ends of court, each with bottle on top 
  • Teams of two stand at opposite poles (both players from same team at same pole)


  • Throw the disc to hit the pole and knock off the bottle to score points
  • First to 15 wins; must win by 2 

House Rules


  • Coin toss winner goes first


  • Players on one team each take a turn throwing the disc, then the disc passes to the opposing team to throw
  • Defending team tries to catch the bottle and/or disc before they hit the ground
  • Thrower can’t step past their own pole
  • Defending team cannot touch disc until it hits or passes the pole
  • Players must have a drink in hand at all times


  • Maximum of 3 points can be scored per throw:
    • 1pt – Disc hits pole but bottle doesn’t fall
    • 2pt – Disc hits pole and bottle hits ground
    • +1pt – Disc hits the ground
  • First to 15 wins; must win by 2